MORE VISION has extensive experience in video. Our first television commerical aired on a show we produced call The Fortress TV Show which aired on September 18, 2005. The broadcast distribution was over 15 million and covered Ontario and nothern New York State as well as Michigan. Let us show you how television commercials can target your customers and enlarge that income base! Give MORE VISION a try!

The Fortress TV Show Plays On The Global Television Network!

The Fortress Of Freedom Corporation is pleased to announce that our TV show - The Fortress TV Show - Was broadcast over the air and cable to a population of over 15 million people throughout Ontario and the upper New York State as well as upper Michigan. The broadcast took place on September 18, 2005 at 2:30AM following Saturday Night Live. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

For those interested - Here is the most harrowing moment of my life.....

After telling my boss, boss's boss, co-workers, relatives and friends and every person I happened to come across - I still was not positive the show would air. Anyway, here is that moment from Saturday Night Live through a commercial to the disclaimer and our introduction. I still get an emotional jolt every time I see that clip - like Pavlov's dogs.....

Click Here For A Short Clip Of The Show (Only 6MB)

We had the best lead-in for the show - Saturday Night Live with Sting as guest host! I crossed my fingers until I saw that beautiful logo of ours appear! The show played well and I kept running around checking video quality and the on-air feed and such, I said about three or four times that I could not believe we were on TV, but we were..... I don't think the others realize just what they have accomplished. We did it ourselves with no training or help and no reshoots! We really proved a point about access.

The showing happened at my parent's home as they seem to have more television sets and VCRs than anyone else, anyway I picked the two in the family room for presentation and the two in the kitchen for cable and on-air broadcast with the other three sets as backup. We had four VCRs and Two camcorders on the set with one used to record the show off a digital cable box.

Much praise and thanks to all who participated, especially, Michael, Dan, Dave, Sue, Emily, Mark, Shane and my sister and family, thank you all for making this show what it is! This may sound strange, but this report is one of the hardest ones to put out. I could not even fathom posting this for the last two days. Just seemed impossible to report on something that was too large to distill into a few paragraphs. I will keep looking at this page for a couple of days and add to it until I can leave it. Big project for me here and I am still too close to look back and evaluate.....